Haifa: Transformation of a Palestinian Arab Society, 1918 -1939


This book is an important contribution to the history of Palestine during the British Mandate, describing the evolution of Haifa into the principal port on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. The central theme of the study is the impact of British imperialism and Zionism upon the indigenous inhabitants of Haifa and its hinterland. It draws on extensive British and Zionist primary sources, and on many interviews with individuals who lived in Haifa during the period.

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Third (Second 1998; First 1997)
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May SEIKALY has taught at the University of Bahrain and the University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently Associate Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History at Wayne State University. In addition to Palestinian history, her interests include women studies and oral history.


Institute for Palestine Studies
Third (Second 1998; First 1997)
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Language: Arabic
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