Documents on the Palestinian Arab Resistance to the British Mandate and Zionism (1918-1939)


This is a documentary compendium of 220 major documents of the Palestinian resistance to British occupation and Zionism published at the time from 1918 until the end of the Great Revolt and the publication of the White Paper in 1939. The documents were issued by conferences, political parties, delegations, and the Arab Higher Committee as well as by various institutions of civil society: (intellectual, religious, professional, women groups, unions) and by underground organizations. This is an invaluable collection of primary material for scholars and historians.

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Second (First, 1968)

About the Author(s)

Compiler and editor:Abdul Wahab al-Kayyali

Abdul Wahab AL- KAYYALI (1939-1981) was born in Jaffa. Member of the PLO Executive Committee from 1973-1977, he founded the Arab Institute for Research and Publishing in Beirut in the early 1970s and the Third World Center in London in 1979. He was especially known for his publications on Palestinian Arab Resistance to the British Mandate and Zionism (1918-1939) and Modern History of Palestine. Kayyali was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Beirut on 6 December 1981.


Institute for Palestine Studies
Second (First, 1968)
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