The District of Acre During the Ottoman Tanzimat Period A.H. 1281-1337/A.D. 1864-1918


This book is a historical, economic, demographic, and architectural study of a specific region of Palestine during a crucial phase of Ottoman rule. The Ottoman Tanzimat (reforms) greatly contributed to changes in the structure of the indigenous society, as some social groups died out and others took their place. They also contributed to major shifts in economic activity, including agriculture, industry, and commerce, and coincided with a strengthening of economic relations with the European West and the beginnings of colonial infiltration into the region.

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Second (First, 1999)

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Born in the district of Tulkarm on the West Bank, Zuhayr GHANAYIM received his B.A. from Ain Sham’s University, Cairo, and his M.A. and doctorate from the University of Jordan, Amman. He served both in the Jordanian Ministry of Education and on the staff of the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs in Amman.


Institute for Palestine Studies
Second (First, 1999)
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