The Diaries of Khalil Sakakini: Diaries, Letters, Reflections. Volume 7: Sultana’s Death, 1939-1941


This volume is centered on the death of Khalil Sakakini's wife, Sultana, who died in October 1939, and the shattering of Sakakini's life with her loss. Khalil Sakakini mourned her for the rest of his days, wrote a number of poems eulogizing her, and authored the epitaph on her tombstone. He copes with his loss by total immersion in his new theories of education, attempting to inculcate his progressive ideas on the educational system in Palestine. The volume also contains various entries on daily life in Palestine in the aftermath of the great rebellion.

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Khalil SAKAKINI (1878 - 1953) is a Palestinian writer and educator. Born in Jerusalem, Sakakini's early life was devoted to Arab letters. During the mandate period, Sakakini continued his advocacy of public education. He participated in the early Palestinian national movement, and his diaries are an important source for scholars of the period. He is best remembered for his books on teaching Arabic to beginners.

Edited by:Akram Mousallam

Akram MOUSALLAM was born in Palestine, and studied Arabic literature at Birzeit University. He is presently an editor at the Al-Ayyam Palestinian newspaper.


Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, and The Institute of Jerusalem Studies
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