Review: Falk and Friel: Israel-Palestine on Record and Dunsky: Pens and Swords
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Israel-Palestine on Record: How the New York Times Misreports Conflict in the Middle East, by Howard Friel and Richard Falk. London: Verso Books, 2007. 269 pages. Notes to p. 302. Index to p. 309. $19.95 paper.

Pens and Swords: How the American Mainstream Media Report the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, by Marda Dunsky. New York: Columbia University Press, 2008. x + 395 pages. Notes to p. 437. Index to p. 444. $27.50 paper.


Cheryl Rubenberg is a former associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Florida International University and the author of The Palestinians: In Search of a Just Peace (Lynne Rienner, 2003).