Who Rules Palestine?
نبذة مختصرة: 

Huna wa Hunak: Nahwa Tahlil li al-‘Alaqa bayna al-Shatat al-Filastini wal Markaz (Here and there: Toward an analysis of the relationship between the Palestinian diaspora and the center), by Sari Hanafi. Ramallah and Jerusalem: Muwatin and the Institute of Jerusalem Studies, 2001. 290 pages. 50 NIS paper.

Takween al-Nukhba al-Filastiniyya: Munth Nushu’ al-Harka al-Wataniyya ila ma ba’d Qiyam al-Sulta al-Wataniya (The formation of the Palestinian elite: From the emergence of the national movem ent to the establishment of the National Authority), by Jamil Hilal. Ramallah and Amman: Muwatin and al-Urdun al-Jadid, 2002. 220 pages. 40 NIS paper.

Young Guard, Old Guard, by Khalil Shikaki. Ramallah: Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, November 2001. Unpublished manuscript. (A shortened version appears in the January–February 2002 issue of Foreign Affairs.) 


SALIM TAMARI is the director of IPS’s Jerusalem affiliate, the Institute of Jerusalem Studies, and professor of sociology at Birzeit University.