Palestine Unbound
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Basel al-Araj
Security Coordination
Palestinian Authority (PA)
Marwan Barghouti
hunger strike
Dignity Strike
separation wall
Walled Off Hotel
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Published each issue and updated regularly on Palestine Square (, Palestine Unbound strives to capture the tenor and content of popular conversations related to the Palestinians and the Arab-Israeli conflict held on new and dynamic platforms unbound by traditional media. Items from the quarter 16 February–15 May 2017, selected because they either have gone viral or represent a significant cultural moment or trend, include the opening of British street artist Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestinian prisoners participating in the Dignity Strike, and popular condemnation of PA security coordination with Israel in reaction to the assassination of Palestinian youth activist Basel al-Araj. Trending hashtags included are #al-Tha’ir_Basel, #SaltWaterChallenge,and #BoycottPizzaHut.