Transformed Landscapes: Essays on Palestine and the Middle East in Honor of Walid Khalidi
المشاركون بالتأليف :
Edited by
Camille Mansour
Leila Tarazi Fawaz
The American University in Cairo Press
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This collection of essays addresses, from varying perspectives, issues that have preoccupied Middle East scholars as well as twentieth-century Arab intellectuals: debates and struggles from the modern history of the Arab East that foreshadow those occurring today, the Ottoman legacy and its assessment over time, Palestinian Arab dynamics resulting from the cataclysm of the Palestine war, and their linkage with the everlasting imperial intervention. The volume is dedicated to Walid Khalidi, one of the most influential Palestinian intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century, whose impact has been felt in scholarship, institution building, and politics. The essays are written by an impressive group of internationally recognized scholars—friends, former students, and colleagues of Khalidi. Contributors: Butrus Abu-Manneh, Laurie A. Brand, Jamil Hilal, Michael C. Hudson, Rashid Khalidi, Philip S. Khoury, Wm. Roger Louis, Adel Manna, Camille Mansour, Issam Nassar, Abdul-Karim Rafeq, André Raymond, Eric Rouleau, Sara Roy, May Seikaly, Salim Tamari.

عن المؤلف

كميل منصور، أمين سر مجلس أمناء مؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية حالياً، وعضو مجلس أمناء مؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية ورئيس لجنة الأبحاث سابقاً. عمل أستاذاً للعلاقات الدولية في جامعة باريس من سنة 1984 حتى سنة 2004. أسس  معهد الحقوق في جامعة بير زيت (1994 - 2000) وترأسه، وفي إطاره أشرف على إنشاء "المقتفي"، منظومة القضاء والتشريع في فلسطين، وهو قاعدة مؤتمتة للتشريعات والقرارات القضائية الفلسطينية. عمل مستشاراً لبرنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي لتطوير القضاء الفلسطيني (2004 - 2006). وشغل منصب عميد كلية الحقوق والإدارة العامة في جامعة بير زيت (2007 - 2009).


قائمة المحتويات
Foreshadowing Present Debates and Struggles: Three Lives
'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi: Religious Tolerance and 'Arabness' in Ottoman Damascus
Badr al-Din al-Maqdisi: A Palestinian Shaykh Resisting French Occupation in Late Eighteenth-century Cairo
'Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar: An Independence Leader of Interwar Syria
Challenging Traditional Views of Middle East History
The Later Tanzimat and the Ottoman Legacy in the Near Eastern Successor States
Rereading the 1834 Revolt against Muhammad 'Ali in Palestine and Rethinking Ottoman Rule
The Great War and the Erasure of Palestine's Ottoman Past
Photography as Source Material for Jerusalem's Social History
Excavating Memory: Oral History and the Case of Suhmata
Palestine and the Middle East after the Nakba
Abd al-Nasser and the Palestinian National Movement: Chronicle of a Stormy Affair
The Birth and Evolution of Palestinian Statehood Strategy, 1948–82
Palestinian Elites: Waiting for an Elusive Statehood
State, Citizenship, and Diaspora: A Comparative Study
The Middle East in the International Arena
Palestine and the Consequences of the Suez Crisis, 1957–67
Palestine and the Middle East: From Vienne to Washington, 1815-2008
America's "Palestine Fatigue"
Beyond Palestine
On Dignity and Dissent: The Journey of a Child of Holocaust Survivors
Biography of Walid Khalidi
Publications by Walid Khalidi