The Politics of Jerusalem since 1967
Institute for Palestine Studies
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The Politics of Jerusalem Since 1967 is a comprehensive political, social, cultural, and economic portrait of this city at the very center of the Middle East peace negotiations. Contextualizing the conflits over the city since Biblical times, Michael Dumper emphasizes its focal importance for three monotheistic faiths--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. His examination of life in Jerusalem since 1967 covers such fields as administration, demography, urban planning, housing, and water allocation, as well as the institutional structures and internal problems within each community and the communities' relations with one another and the state of Israel. This book also considers the inevitable relationship between the conflict over Jerusalem and the resolution of the major issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It also looks at the role of the international community, particularly that of the United States, in such a resolution, and the parameters for its realization. Illustrated with 27 maps, The Politics of Jerusalem Since 1967 paints a timely portrait of one of the most fascinating and volatile cities in the world.

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