Toward Coexistence: An Analysis of the Resolutions of the Palestine National Council
Institute for Palestine Studies
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This research traces the evolution of Palestinian thinking during the past twenty-five years. It explains how Palestinian nationalism emerged as an independent force in the Middle East in the form of the Palestine National Council, the PLO's "parliament in exile". Its analysis of the resolutions adopted at the PNC's annual meetings makes it clear how the new Palestinian consensus, involving the recognition of Israel and other important changes, has been reached.

عن المؤلف

الدكتور محمد مصلح، أستاذ العلوم السياسية في جامعة لونغ آيلند (نيويورك).مؤلف كتاب The Origins of Palestinian Nationalism (1988)، وله عدد من الأبحاث في السياسات العربية والسياسة الخارجية السورية، بما فيه دراسة في قيد الطباعة عن سياسة حركة حماس الخارجية.