Prelude to Israel: An Analysis of Zionist Diplomacy, 1897-1947
Institute for Palestine Studies
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This book, first published by Darton, Longman and Todd, Ltd. (London, 1961), traces the Zionist endeavors to establish a Jewish state in Palestine from the founding of the Zionist movement in 1897 to the creation of Israel, with special emphasis on the diplomatic methodology involved. It ‎deals specifically with the Zionist formulation of particular goals, and the implementation of policies designed to achieve these goals.

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Alan R. Taylor was professor of Middle East studies at the American Universitys School of International Service in Washington, DC. He is the author of The Arab Balance of Power (Syracuse University Press); The Islamic Question in Middle East Politics; Prelude to Israel : An Analysis of Zionist Diplomacy, 1897-1947; and The Zionist Mind: the Origins and Development of Zionist Thought.

Alan R. Taylor est né à New York en 1926. Il fait ses études à Lawrenceville School et au Columbia College, et termine ses études universitaires à Georgetown University où il obtient un Doctorat en Histoire. Il enseigne successivement à Howard University, puis à l’American University de Washington.

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