Announcing the 2019 Ibrahim Dakkak Award for Outstanding Essay on Jerusalem

Ibrahim Dakkak Award for Outstanding Essay on Jerusalem will be awarded to an outstanding essay that addresses either contemporary or historical issues relating to Jerusalem. The winning submission will receive a prize of U.S. $1000 and will be published in the Jerusalem Quarterly.

UNRWA Crisis: Beyond Dollars and Cents

The existential threat facing UNRWA is deliberate, and so are the dire consequences for the 5.3 million registered refugees it serves.

Jewish Nation State Law Sets Legal Parameters for Complete Takeover of Historic Palestine

Reading the new Basic Law together with over twenty “Annexation Laws” proposed in the Knesset in the last three years uncovers the legal scaffolding for the complete colonization of historic Palestine already in place.

Jewish Nation State Law: Q&A with Adalah's Hassan Jabareen

The law gives us a new opportunity to define the Israeli regime not only according to its practices, but also according to its laws: a colonial system of apartheid.


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