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Type of Material Requested to Photocopy

Book Informaion

It is permissible to order a photocopy of only one chapter of a book. The IPS library also reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright. The cost is 0.25 $ per page.

Dissertation Information

Regarding dissertations, services are restricted to include a photocopy of the table of contents and the abstracts, upon request. The cost is 0.25 $ per page.

Special Collection Information

Books of this category are considered of valuable status. For preservation reasons, the Library reserves the right to restrict photocopying of materials in the Special Collections to a maximum of 15 pages. Some materials may not be photocopied due to the size, condition, or fragility of the item. The cost is 0.25 $ per page.

Digital Production Information

Library materials can be copied or scanned depending on the condition of the material; library staff reserves the right to determine whether or not an item can be copied or scanned. The computer/technical support staff provides document scanning services under the restrictions of copyright laws. The service is fee based. The maximum number of items the library staff will scan per patron is 10 per day or 25 per week. Library will accept up to 2 requests for scanning per week OR 3 requests per month per user. Scanning services are available by appointment only. Self-service scanning is not available.

Delivery Method Information

Please allow 10 days for delivery.

Payment Method Information

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