JPS Editorial Board


Rashid I. Khalidi (Columbia University)

Associate Editor

Maia Tabet

Managing Editor

Nehad Khader

Assistant Editor in Charge of Back Sections

Brittany Dawson

Assistant Editor in Charge of Production

Emily C. Smith

Advertising Coordinator

Daniel Riley

Press Contact

Paige Brownlow

Editorial Committee

Institutional affiliation listed for identification purposes only.

George Bisharat (University of California, Hastings)
Beshara Doumani (Brown University)
Noura Erakat (George Mason University)
Samera Esmeir (University of California, Berkeley)
Leila Farsakh (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
Rhoda Kanaaneh (New York University)
Walid Khalidi (Harvard University, retired)
Camille Mansour (University of Paris)
Yousef Munayyer (Independent scholar)
Sherene Seikaly (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Salim Tamari (Birzeit University)
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