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This is the IPS headquarters, and provides the base for the Institute's operations as well as for its Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. It is also home to the IPS Information and Documentation Center. The Beirut office is housed in a ten-storey building in Verdun, which it owns, and publishes and distributes the Institute's Arabic publications, including the quarterly Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah. It also sponsors annual lectures and seminars, and hosts other academic conferences on the Palestine problem and the Arab Israeli conflict.
Director: Ms. Mona Nsouli

Institute for Palestine Studies
Anis Nsouli Street, Verdun
P.O. Box 11-7164
Beirut 1107 2230

Tel: (009611) 868387 / 814175 / 804959
Fax: (009611) 814193 / 868387


The main function of this office is to produce the quarterly Journal of Palestine Studies, which is published and distributed by the University of California Press at Berkeley. The Washington office is also responsible for the Institute's educational outreach in the United States. The office is housed in a four-storey Georgetown building, donated by Lebanese businessman and philanthropist Hani Salaam, and also publishes books in English. IPS also has co-publication agreements with both Columbia University Press in New York and Oxford University Press in Oxford, UK.
Institute for Palestine Studies
3501 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
United States

Tel: (001202) 3423990
Fax: (001202) 3423927


An affiliate of IPS' Beirut central office, the Institute of Palestine Studies-Ramallah performs an important liaison function between IPS and institutions and scholars in Palestine. It also publishes the English-language Jerusalem Quarterly and the biennial Arabic-language Hawliyyat al-Quds. IPS-Ramallah is the distributor of IPS publications in Palestine and Israel, and produces some books of its own in Arabic and English, mainly relating to Jerusalem and Palestinian heritage and culture.
Director: Mr. Khalid Farraj

Institute of Palestine Studies
19 Emile Habibi Street, 4th flr. 
Al-Masion, Ramallah
P.O. Box Ramallah 487 

Tel: (009702 or 009722) 2989108
Fax: (009702 or 009722) 2950767


This office was primarily engaged in producing the Revue d'études palestiniennes, distributed by Les Editions de Minuit, as well as occasional publications relating to Palestine in French. The office also fosters close relations with political, cultural, and academic circles in France and Europe interested in Palestinian affairs and the Arab Israeli conflict.
Institut des études palestiniennes