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The Palestine Deception, 1915–1923: The McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, the Balfour Declaration, and the Jewish National Home

by J. M. N. Jeffries
This book language is English
About the Author: J. M. N. Jeffries, formerly a war correspondent in Europe and the Middle East, working for Britain’s...


Control Food, Control People: The Struggle for Food Security in Gaza

by Rami Zurayk, Anne Gough
This book language is English
Control Food, Control People examines the relation between Israeli stratagies of control over Palestinians and the...


From Holy Land to Palestine (De La Terre Sainte A La Palestine)

by Serge Nègre, Stéphane Hessel, Wassim Fahim Abdullah, Danielle Autha
This book language is English
The originality of this book lies in the confrontation between the historical images of nineteenth-century photographer...

Before Their Diaspora: A Photographic History of the Palestinians 1876-1948

by Walid Khalidi
This book language is English
Before Their Diaspora is a visual journey into Palestine before 1948. Every important aspect of Palestinian society...

Manifestations of Identity: The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

by Muhammad Ali Khalidi
This book language is English
Co-published with the Institut francais du Proche-Orient (IFPO). Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon are often discussed in...


Turbulent Times In Palestine: The Diaries of Khalil Totah, 1886-1955

by Thomas M. Ricks
This book language is English
Co-published with PASSIA, Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs. This captivating and...

Unprotected: Palestinians in Egypt Since 1948

by Oroub El-Abed
This book language is English
Co-published with the International Development Research Center (IDRC), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The small and...

I Would Have Smiled: Photographing the Palestinian Refugee Experience

Edited by : : : :
This book language is English
This book is a tribute to Myrtle Winter-Chaumeny. A photographer who devoted her career to documenting the lives of...

United Nations Resolutions on Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: 1947-1998, Five Volume Set

by George J. Tomeh, Regina S. Sharif, Michael Simpson, Jody Boudreault, Katherine LaRivière, Ida Audeh
This book language is English
This unique five-volume collection brings together for the first time the texts of all the resolutions relevant to the...


Dennis Ross and the Peace Process: Subordinating Palestinian Rights to Israeli "Needs"

by Norman G. Finkelstein
This book language is English
In this monograph, Finkelstein sets about the meticulous task of deconstructing Dennis Ross' The Missing Peace: The...


Palestine in Transformation, 1856-1882: Studies in Social, Economic and Political Development

by Alexander Scholch
This book language is English
Available in English for the first time in its entirety, this seminal work by the late german historian is...

All That Remains: The Palestinian Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948

by Walid Khalidi
This book language is English
The culmination of nearly six years of research by more than thirty participants, this authoritative reference work...